• What is Yolo NORML


    What is Yolo NORML
    A network and forum for the optimal implementaion of Cannabis in Yolo.

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  • Rendevous:   August 17


    Rendevous: August 17
    Join us in Woodland, CA - 6 to 8pm

    Get involved. Make informed decisions. Contribute to your evolving industry.

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  • Download Compliance Shortcuts


    Download Compliance Shortcuts
    We've made it easy. Download the Compliance Checklist and Contact List

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pitHello Yolo!

We need to talk a minute about dogs and guns. 

Legally, no guns are allowed on medical cannabis cultivation sites. This has not changed with all the hoops you're being asked to jump through.  It will probably not change when the plant goes legal.  With new health and safety regulations - as well as the upcoming county ordinance - dogs also are not allowed around the plants.

The noise and threat does nothing to calm the nerves of your neighbors.  Whether you're flying under the legalization radar through 2016 or currently running an above-board garden, please be respectful - Respect for your immediate neighbor and respect for your fellow cannabis brothers and sisters who have to deal with the aftermath of the poor choices of a few.  There are other security options.  Please roll up your sleeves and do some investigation.

As leaders in your community, please help your buddies understand that there are criminal and civil penalties with significant $$$,$$$ consequences.

The dogs and guns need to be left off-site.

Help your local cause

Hello Crew!
Up to this point YoloNorml has not charged any membership fees.  We'd like to keep it this way but in order to do so we all have to contribute as able.  There are expenses involved with the events you attend.  Many are donating hours and hours of time to steer things in the right direction for all of us. 

During our upcoming August 17th meeting we will be passing the hat.  Any contribution you share is greatly appreciated.

From the California Department of Food and Agriculture's Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program (MCCP):

Calling all cannabis industry members interested in a state license!

The California Department of Food and Agriculture's Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program (MCCP) is preparing to issue state cannabis cultivation licenses beginning in January 2018. We would like to get a sense of how many applicants the State can expect to:

  • Apply for licensure
  • Use the Track and Trace system
Take a few minutes to Complete the Short Survey